Joint Strategic Commissioning Board
Tuesday, 9th July 2019 at 2:00pm 









Start of webcast
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  1. Cllr Chris Jones
1 Apologies for Absence
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2 Declarations of Interest
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4 Personal Story re: LD Integration
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  1. Simon Banks
  2. Jason Oxley
  3. Cllr Chris Jones
5 Urgent Care Transformation
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  1. Dr Paula Cowan
  2. Dr Paula Cowan
  3. Dr Bennett Quinn
  4. Dr Abhi Mantgani
  5. Dr Paula Cowan
  6. Dr Abhi Mantgani
  7. Cllr Tony Norbury
  8. Dr Paula Cowan
  9. Cllr Tony Norbury
  10. Cllr Sharon Jones
  11. Dr Paula Cowan
  12. Nesta Hawker
  13. Dr Paula Cowan
  14. Cllr Chris Jones
  15. Nesta Hawker
  16. Dr Paula Cowan
  17. Cllr Julie McManus
  18. Nesta Hawker
  19. Simon Banks
  20. Nesta Hawker
  21. Simon Banks
  22. Nesta Hawker
  23. Dr Paula Cowan
  24. Cllr Thomas Usher
  25. Nesta Hawker
  26. Cllr Thomas Usher
  27. Nesta Hawker
  28. Dr Paula Cowan
  29. Michael Treharne
  30. Dr Paula Cowan
  31. Dr Laxman Ariaraj
  32. Simon Banks
  33. Dr Paula Cowan
  34. Linda Roberts
  35. Dr Paula Cowan
  36. Dr Paula Cowan
  37. Sylvia Cheater
  38. Dr Paula Cowan
  39. Dr Simon Delaney
  40. Alan Whittle
  41. Dr Paula Cowan
  42. Dr Laxman Ariaraj
  43. Dr Paula Cowan
  44. Dr Paula Cowan
  45. Dr Paula Cowan
  46. Dr Paula Cowan
6 Liverpool City Region Update
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  1. Dr Paula Cowan
  2. Jason Oxley
  3. Angela Johnson
  4. Dr Paula Cowan
  5. Simon Banks
  6. Lorna Quigley
  7. Dr Paula Cowan
  8. Dr Paula Cowan
  9. Angela Johnson
  10. Dr Paula Cowan
  11. Michael Treharne
7 Pooled Fund Finance Report
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  1. Dr Paula Cowan
  2. Graham Hodkinson
  3. Dr Paula Cowan
  4. Simon Banks
8 Chief Officer's Report
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  1. Dr Paula Cowan
  2. Carly Brown
  3. Cllr Thomas Usher
  4. Dr Paula Cowan
  5. Cllr Thomas Usher
  6. Simon Banks
  7. Simon Banks
  8. Cllr Thomas Usher
  9. Dr Paula Cowan
  10. Webcast Finished
Dr Laxman Ariaraj
GP Lead - Planned Care
Wirral CCG
 Simon Banks
Chief Officer
Wirral CCG
Assistant Director - Modernisation & Support
Wirral Council
 Sylvia Cheater
Lay Member - Patient Champion
Wirral CCG
Dr Paula Cowan
Medical Director
Wirral CCG
Dr Simon Delaney
Primary Care Lead
Wirral CCG
 Nesta Hawker
Director of Commissioning
Wirral CCG
 Graham Hodkinson
Director for (Adult) Care and Health
Wirral Council
 Jason Oxley
Assistant Director Health & Care Outcomes
Wirral Council
 Lorna Quigley
Director of Quality and Patient Safety
Wirral CCG
 Linda Roberts
Lay Member - Quality and Outcomes
Wirral CCG
 Michael Treharne
Chief Finance Officer
Wirral CCG
 Alan Whittle
Lay Member - Audit and Governance
Wirral CCG